May 2018
Their Excellencies Guy Rand and Muirrenn
Photo Courtesy of: Lord Ketill rauðskeggr

Greetings Calafia!

We find ourselves on a very thrilling threshold filled with much anticipation! Early in May, we will have the extreme honor of announcing who our Heirs to the Calafian thrones will be! We expect to be able to make this announcement the first week of May, pending approval from Their Majesties. So stay tuned for updates! We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to both couples who stepped up for consideration for this role. It is a frightening thing to do to take that plunge, and everyone involved has been nothing but courteous, gracious, and available during this process. So thank you Count Drogo, Countess Ithuna, Sir Gamyl, and THL Danyel for putting in - we truly appreciate all of you and what you are willing to do to serve your Barony. You all have made this a very tough choice!

We would also like to thank the populace for your involvement in this process. It is possibly the most critical decision we make as a Barony, and you all have been incredibly participatory in it. You have asked great questions and sent us very thoughtful commentary, and we are so thankful for it! We want to do our best to make sure the future of Calafia is shaped according to your wishes, and you all have really helped make that possible. We could not be more proud of this Barony!

And speaking of being proud and thankful, we would like to thank each and every member of the Potrero War staff for putting in an incredible amount of time and effort putting this event together. It can be a gargantuan task at times, and all of you have done amazing work. We are truly looking forward to spending a weekend with the best people in the Knowne World at our very favorite event.

It will be a bittersweet event for us, as it is our last Potrero on the Thrones of Calafia. Though we have both been heavily involved in Potrero for many years (and that will not change going forward!), you see the event from a different perspective while you are the Baron and Baroness. The last 5 years have been full of a lot of deeply touching moments - extreme pride, joy, fear, worry, and everything in between. We have shared a lot of amazing memories with so many people - some of whom are no longer with us. It has been a long road, and sometimes a tough one, but we wouldn't have traded it for anything. So thank you to everyone who has had a hand in that over the last 5 years. We are depending on all of you to welcome our Heirs with open arms and share the same amazing and terrifying road with them that you did with us.

In Service to Calafia,
Baron Guy Rand and Baroness Muirrenn

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