Combat Practices
Combat Practices

Armored Combat

The first Sunday of each month is unit melee practice with the Iron Brigade.

Where: Allied Gardens Recreation Center
When:Sunday Noon to whenever people get tired, Wednesday from 6pm to Sundown.
THLady Tierrynna CaerNarvon   
Links: YouTube  

Rapier Combat

Where: Allied Gardens Recreation Center
When:Sunday Noon to whenever people get tired, Wednesday from 6pm to Sundown.
Contact:Deputy Marshal of Fence
Don Konrad Faust Tyndell   
Links: YouTube  

Unarmored Combat

This new style has recently become a full authorized fighting form under the Marshallate. The Unarmored guild continues to exist to assist in researching and teaching historically accurate unarmored combat techniques.
For Kingdom and Society level discussions, check the Kingdom Yahoo group.

Where: Allied Gardens Recreation Center
When:Every Wednesday at 6:30pm.
Contact:Deputy Marshal of Unarmored Combat
Brian of Garfield   
Links: YahooGroups   YouTube  

Youth Combat

Contact the Youth Combat Marshal for Calafia for more details.

Contact:Deputy Marshal of Youth Combat
Anna Moren   
Links: website   YouTube  

Ranged Practices

Target Archery

Loaner equipment and basic instruction are available. This is held as part of an Open Archery Practice through UCSD Recreation. There is a $1.00 fee to use the facility.

The UCSD Archery Range is located near the UCSD Thornton Hospital. Parking on Sunday is free in UCSD Parking lot 702.

The Archery Range is located atop a two-level hospital staff parking lot. For safety, please enter at the middle of field. Do not park in the hospital lots: They are more expensive than Lot 702 and are enforced at all times.) Newcomers are offered a free session. After that, archers are required to either join the UCSD Open Archery Workout Class or purchase a 10-Time Archery Workout pass. Either option can be done on site if you bring a checkbook.

Where: UCSD Sports Deck
When:Every Sunday 10:00am - Noon.
Contact:Captain of Archers
Lady Brighid Bansealgaire ni Muirenn   
Links: YouTube  

Thrown Weapons

When:The fourth Sunday of each month
Contact:Deputy Marshal of Thrown Weapons
Lord Mikhail Liutognev   
Links: YouTube  

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