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Azure, a sea-serpent sable fimbriated Or, and overall a trident with a laurel wreath entwined in its tines Or

Welcome to the Barony of Calafia, in the Kingdom of Caid; a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

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The Baron and Baroness of Calafia Their Excellencies Guy Rand and Muirrenn
Photo Courtesy of: Lord Ketill rauðskeggr

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Greetings Calafia!

The month of February has flown by with! We started this month celebrating with the College of St Isidore. As customary, the College put on a wonderful event with spirited fighting and amazing food. Many Calafians traveled to Talon Crescent War for the first camping event there. While Her Excellency and I could not attend this year, many reports talk of great fighting and great camaraderie with our friends from Artemisia. If you missed the war this year, we encourage you to try next years event.

March is a busy month of events and travel. We start with Friendship Tourney host in Gyldenholt. The Stewards and Baron Guiseppe have been working hard to put on an unique and busy event. Bring out your best Italian and join a contradda for the day. Also in March is Pentathlon, held as a camping event this year in conjunction with Caid Prize Tourney. If you can, please take the time to travel to support Caid, Caidan Arts, and most especially any Calafians competing this year. We end the month of March with Crown Tourney in Naevehjelm. I know at least a few Calafians are striving for the Crown of Caid. We wish all of them good fortune and will be there cheering.

We have several events in the coming months with, of course, Potrero War looming. The Stewards and their staff are busying preparing a wonderful event for all of us. Pre-registration, land allocation and on-line volunteer signups are all live from the website. Remember that War does not function without volunteers. The old adage about many hands making light work is never more true than at a war. I know for many of us, War is a chance to relax and enjoy the company of our friends. I ask that you remember that the staff also is trying to relax while running the event and working many hours. Any time that we all can give ensures that all may have that same joy. For whatever you can give, thank you.

In service to Calafia,
Guy Rand and Muirrenn
Baron & Baroness of Calafia

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The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is a not-for-profit, educational, and historical organization dedicated to reliving and recreating the Middle Ages, as they should have been, from approximately the latter Roman era to 1650 A.D. We seek to learn about the beauty and chivalry of our past and to share with others the wonders of medieval Europe. We re-create the fun parts, like the feasts, costumes & sword fighting...
  ...but leave out the parts like plagues, lice and beheadings!

The society is divided into kingdoms and the kingdoms are subdivided into baronies based on geographic location.
Calafia is one of the founding baronies in Kingdom of Caid located in Southern California
and comprises San Diego and Imperial counties.
For more information about the SCA and its geography, visit the website

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Our newcomers representative is available via e-mail

A Baronial Household meeting is held the first Wednesday of the month. Topics are geared towards those new to the Barony, Kingdom, or SCA in general.
Contact Mistress Fia Naheed for more information.

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Between our monthly meetings, the populace of Calafia also has discussions via email. Our mailing list is open to the public and is provided Yahoo Groups.


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